Heartland Incubation Hub (HIH)

We provide support for top startups at the most critical stage.

Heartland Technology Incubation Hub is established to solve the problem of inadequate support structure, mentorship system for incubating, or developing business ideas by young people in south-east Nigeria.

Incubation at HIH helps early stage entrepreneurs through product development, growth hacking and building a sustainable business model.

We work with great teams with ideas ready to change the status quo, solving real problems and will be committed to the 6 months Incubation program.

We provide seed capital, office space, high internet access, meeting room and other facilities.

At HIH we do not target specific type of industry/segment. We work to help all our start-ups build great products that solve real problem we face as Nigerians/Africans on a daily basis.

Applications to our first cohort will start first quarter of 2018.

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